Corporate Events, Conventions, Meetings, and Seminars
     Steve brings your company and your team face to face with one of America's most successful practical visionaries.  Thomas Jefferson adapted and developed his most effective leadership techniques with the commitment and risk of a decades-long political career, but Steve offers your business a shortcut to Jefferson's secrets of great achievement.  With the perspective of our 3d President's entire life in view, Steve's presentations cut to the core lessons that Jefferson has to teach anyone who wishes not only to lead, but to revolutionize.

Each presentation is crafted to fit the specific needs of your colleagues and clients in order to create an unforgettable, high-impact presentation.  Steve works closely with your company to tailor a keynote that is relevant, entertaining, and inspiring.   

Below are some ideas drawn from previous Thomas Jefferson keynotes and seminars:  

      Jefferson stands today as one of the greatest leaders our country has ever known.  Steve's presentations use Jefferson's  monumental accomplishments to exemplify the traits and skills that build successful teams and businesses today.  Jefferson's ringing words in the Declaration of Independence sold the Revolutionary War to a doubting American populace, inspiring countless everyday people to buy into his vision of America so thoroughly that they would risk everything  for its attainment.  The conflict between Hamilton and Jefferson seemed to end in complete victory for Hamilton, until Jefferson reinvented himself and rallied thousands to his standard, founding the first dissenting political party and changing the direction of the entire nation while winning the highest office in the land.  As President he skillfully negotiated seemingly overwhelming international obstacles until he created his opportunity to double the size of the United States with the Louisiana Purchase.  The astounding success of the Lewis and Clark Expedition was based on the foundation of Jefferson's supreme ability to delegate wisely and to manage the development of a wide ranging, high risk plan of expansion.    

Those are only a few of the topics available for keynotes, closing sessions, and luncheons that will move your audiences to rave about the great time they had and to ask when they can attend your next event.

"Mr. Jefferson, as portrayed by Mr. Edenbo,  brought a great sense of history and leadership to our conference.  His presentation was exactly what our attendees needed at this difficult time, an understanding of our great country's heritage and what true leadership means."
 - James W. Pruzinsky, CPA , Partner, Audit Services Group, 
    Reinsel Kuntz Lesher, LLP,  Certified Public Accountants and Consultants

"Thank you again for your work at our event.  You were so much more than a photo opportunity for our guests.  They truly enjoyed not just meeting you, but having real conversations and learning about Thomas Jefferson during their time in Philadelphia.  I received nothing but compliments on your performance, and I look forward to working with you again in the future."  
- Jacqueline Sheeran, Category Coordinator, SCA Tissue North America

                                                         College & Postgraduate       

   Steve applies 9 years studying Jefferson and walking in his shoes to tailor presentations with respect for course reading lists and curriculum.  Scholars develop and sharpen their own ideas by pitting them against, or teaming them with the original articulator of so much of the American Identity.  Previous themes and presentations have included "The 1st Amendment and Jefferson's Wall of Separation",  "A Wolf By the Ears: The Reality of Slavery and Inequality in the Growing American Vision", and "All Men Are Created Equal: The Philosophical Roots of the Declaration of Independence".  Steve works with colleges and professors to focus individual shows on themes and subject matter appropriate to class needs.  
    "I am writing to thank you for your outstanding portrayal of Thomas Jefferson, performed at Texas A&M University in Laredo, Texas.  As a student of history and the Revolutionary period in particular, I found your performance to be particularly effective in portraying the historical Jefferson in a factual but very human way.  I can only imagine the amount of study, hard work, and dedication that goes into your portrayals.  I hope some day to have the pleasure of seeing your performance again."  
- David L. Stone,  Consul General, U.S. Consulate General Nuevo Laredo, Tamaulipas, Mexico
    "We are incredibly appreciative and lucky to have brought in an individual as experienced and unique as yourself.  This has been an unforgettable speaker series presentation.  The regular members will be talking about this for years to come.  As an academic organization that prides iteslf on providing a forum for intellectual discourse and debate within the University community, we couldn't have asked for a better presentation."
- Bailee Ashton Barfield, Vice President, The Jefferson Literary and Debating Society
   at the University of Virginia

    "Mr. Edenbo did a remarkable job for us.  He was more than happy to accommodate us and is adept at tailoring each performance to each audience.  Mr. Edenbo is so immensely knowledgeable about Thomas Jefferson in all of his subtleties and complexities that he delighted the audience members of all ages from the elementary-school aged homeschool students to the college professors.  We could not be happier with what Steve did here at Des Moines Area Community College, and the only thing we are left wanting is to be able to have him come again and  bring Jefferson to life for more of our students!  He is highly recommended, without reservation!"  - Rita Davenport, Counselor - Boone Campus, Des Moines Area Community College
Programming For Teachers

    Education was one of the most important elements in Jefferson's hopes for a strong America.  He fought all of his life for educational goals both in Virginia and nationally.  His passion for education will inspire educators of all curriculum and grade levels.  Steve speaks to teachers' groups around the country every year for the Smithsonian Institution, as well as other educational organizations, as well as educators conventions in Philadelphia.  
    "I really enjoyed your presentations for us.  All of the teachers with me had a phenominal time; several cried because they felt as if they were in the presence of Jefferson"
- Philip Little, Grants Coordinator, American History: Duval County Public Schools, Florida
Public Performances        

     One -Man Shows, including presentation followed by Q&A, at historical sites, libraries, civic associations, Chautauquas, and other community events.  

    "Steve, thank you once again for a wonderful, wonderful evening. Everyone is saying that, hands down, your performance has been by far the best!”
—Deb Cutsinger, Executive Assistant at the Minnesota Masonic Charities

School Programs

     From the Declaration of Independence, to his epic battles with Hamilton over what the Constitution means, to his ascendency as 3d President and his establishment of the "wall of separation between church and state", Jefferson's life guides students through many of the key moments in America's formation.  
     The content and form of Steve's presentations varies according to the ages, developmental levels, grades, and sizes of his audiences.  The shape of the shows can adapt to fit any school schedule.  Interaction and participation are an essential part of the shows, which are designed to fit into the curriculum of each audience.  With grade schoolers (4th grade and older) the students are up out of their seats and on the stage, taking part in the presentation.  Steve uses 18th Century toys as well as images from Jefferson's own metaphors to solidify the theories and ideals at the heart of American identity.  In the case of middle school through high school, the shows focus on discussion and debate, challenging students to challenge Mr. Jefferson and engage history as a living, complex part of who they are.  No matter what the age of the students, Steve first provides the audience with the knowledge to inform their own judgement, and then he gives them the chance to exercise that judgement.   
     "Steve did an excellent job of engaging the students and explaining Jefferson's ideas in a way that they could understand.  The hands-on experience really brought history to life for them!"  
 -Samara Birkey, 8th grade teacher, San Gabriel, California.   

Meet & Greet and Guest of Honor

At banquets, social events, grand-openings, celebrations.  This includes themed speeches and toasts as requested.
     "The special guest who attended the banquet and greeted and socialized with guests was - Thomas Jefferson.  We created a time portal to the year 1779 and he stepped through it to join us.  OK, not really, but it sure seemed like it, and we had the next best thing.  
    Professional historical re-enactor and Jefferson historian Steven Edenbo recreated the illustrious founding father for us.  Steven Edenbo's portrayal of Jefferson is, in a word, amazing.  While in costume, Edenbo's physical resemblance to the young Jefferson is uncanny.  But his portrayal goes far beyond appearance.  Combining the theatrical skills of a trained actor with an in-depth knowledge of Jefferson's life, writings, and times, Edenbo creates a portraiture of him that is so convincing I feel as if I have actually met Thomas Jefferson."
        - Mike Reid, in the newsletter for the Washington Area Secular Humanists

Lewis & Clark          

     Steve also studies and portrays another famous redhead, William Clark.  Either solo, or in a two-person presentation with Merriwether Lewis, portrayed by actor-historian Doug Thomas, they enthrall audiences with stories of leadership in the face of danger, determination in the face of seeming impossibility, and good, old-fashioned adventure from the Lewis and Clark Expedition.  As with the Thomas Jefferson presentations, Doug and Steve tailor the Lewis and Clark shows to fit the needs of individual audiences, from school children to adults, including lively Q&A sessions.

 Adams and Jefferson      

The teamwork, friendship, rivalry, and finally friendship again between John Adams, portrayed by actor-historian Peyton Dixon, and Thomas Jefferson is perhaps the most famous relationship between two Presidents of the United States.  They worked together in 1776 to create and ratify the Declaration of Independence.  In France, England, and Holland they toiled side by side to convince the nations of Europe to assist and respect the fledgling America.  During the 1790's their friendship was torn asunder in the throes of the Constitution's first tempestuous decade.  After a 13 year silence, they once again picked up their pens to resume their discussions, which ranged from their respective roles in the formation of the new nation, through religion, science, literature, history, farming, inventions, and spanned a globe's worth of knowledge in a parless letter exchange.  Their uncanny connection rose to the realm of legend when they both died on the same day, July 4th, 1826, the 50th anniversary of the Declaration of Independence.  Witness the two American patriots return in the vigor of their primes, yet recalling the span of their prodigious lifetimes, as they recollect, discuss, and sometimes argue about what exactly happened while a nation unlike any other was being born.   

     “Everyone who attended the performance is still talking about it a week later! In fact, the comment I have heard the most is, “That was the best assembly we’ve had in a long time!”

"Peyton Dixon and Steve Edenbo captured the attention of the audience right from the start and kept everyone engaged throughout the performance. Watching these men allowed us to travel back in time and realize how the lives of these Founding Fathers were dedicated to the birth of our nation, as well as how they were able to overlook their differences in order to remain friends. What wonderful lessons for everyone in attendance!

The well-crafted presentation included student volunteers, audience participation through the democratic process of voting, humor, and valuable lessons in history and friendship. Everyone in attendance learned something new and enjoyed each moment.

I do not know if my own words were able to aptly express how enthralled we all were!” — Janice Monetti: 8th grade teacher at Branchburg Central Middle School, New Jersey                     

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