"Mr. Edenbo went beyond our expectations.  His portrayal of Thomas Jefferson was magnificent.  He helped make the opening ceremony of the Freedom Center an event to remember."
                         - Charles A. Wood, APR, Fellow PRSA
                            Director of Public Relations, Omaha World Herald

     "Steven, on behalf  of  Dan, myself, and the Campbell's Soup team we wanted to thank you for your work May 10.  It was an extremely successful program, and you helped make that happen.  I appreciated your solid work ethic and attention to detail.  Your understanding of Thomas Jefferson's life is impressive, as are your improvisational skills.  Everyone at Campbell's Soup was raving about you!"
                         -  Stephen Lyons
                            Business Development, Team Concepts Inc.  

             "My favorite evening speaker was Thomas Jefferson (You)!  You probably think the teacher wrote it on the board for us to copy, but that’s not true.  I had fun listening to you.  I learned a lot about Thomas Jefferson.  I actually thought for a while you were really Thomas Jefferson."
                           - Terese Rutkowski, age 8
                              La Canada Unified School District,


      "You are incredible!  What a wonderful evening you gave our society.  It seemed as if Thomas Jefferson was indeed with us.  I wa so caught up in your interpretion that I was actually a little late in giving you the "10 minutes left" signal.  I was listening intently when I suddenly remembered that you were really Steve Edenbo, not Thomas Jefferson, and that I had better check my watch.
         Coming back on stage as Steve Edenbo at the end of the program and discussing your study of Thomas Jefferson took the evening right over the top.  I am so very happy that you were able to come to Spring Lake.  You gave us an unforgettable evening.  I hope that you write a book about Thomas Jefferson.  You understand him, and you tell his story with great knowledge and understanding.  Thank you so very much."  
                           -Bonnie Dubois
                             Chair, Program Comittee, Spring Lake Historical Society, Inc.                      

     "Thank you for performing and using your time for us.  I like how you used that one toy that you landed on that end and it was still spinning.  I also like how you told us about the Declaration of Independence."
                            -  Ross Hash
                              Grade 5, Fellsmere, Florida

     "I'd have to say that Thomas Jefferson (Mr. Edenbo) really made the evening.  He made not only the former president come to life, but the words he spoke from the Declaration of Independence aslo came to life that evenging.  He spoke with such passion on the topic of freedom.  Prior to walking to Independence Hall we were treated to Mr. Jefferson talking to us at dinner.  Some of the adults tried to trip him up when he spoke about slavery as part of the Declaration and how the delegates wanted to remove that paragraph.  He gave an eloquent and impassioned speech on slavery as it fit into the colonies, including his own role as slave owner and what he was doing to ensure the freedom for all people.  In a word he was amazing."  
                           - Steve Craig,
                             Pastor - Connect Ministries
                             Yorba Linda Friends Church

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