Have you ever wondered what it might be like if our founding fathers and mothers could step off the pages of history books, come down from their monuments, and speak with us?  My work can generally be described as that of a Thomas Jefferson impersonator, motivational speaker,  or a Thomas Jefferson re-enactor.  Some simply say that I am a Thomas Jefferson look-alike.  My favorite way to explain what I do is to say  that I am a 1st-Person Interpreter.  First-person interpretation is the dramatic portrayal of our nation's heroes as they were before they were encased in statues and imprisoned in books. The first-person interpreter gives a heartbeat to the priceless knowledge we have gathered from artifacts and ink,  breathes life into the history we have learned from museums and memorials,  and speaks the thousand words a picture is worth.

     I shape my presentations according to the distinct interests and schedules of specific audiences, as well as to the nature of each event.  Usually I begin my show with a  biographical monologue that focuses on subjects and stories requested.  Then I engage the audience in a Q&A session, which is my favorite part.  
     Each venue is unique. I therefore address themes and events from the entire span of Jefferson's life while also tailoring my format according to the interests and needs of  the most important people in the room - the audience!  

        When I first began to learn the art of historical interpretation from William Sommerfield of The American Historical Theatre , he taught me that the core of first-person interpretation is theater.  The bottom line is that if the audience members are engaged and enjoy themselves while they learn, then I have done my job.  Many people have the best time when they can jump in and join the fray.  Others prefer a little more distance.   In the end the direction my show takes is up to the audience.  The majority rules.  I think Mr. Jefferson would appreciate that. 

Oil Portrait of
Steve Edenbo as Thomas Jefferson

Painting by the talented artist
Pamela Patrick White

For more information, or to schedule your event, please contact Steven Edenbo at
or (215) 514-1927 .